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Uptown Radio.org

Artificial Yeast DNA Brings Science Closer to Genetic Manipulations

Scientists in the emerging field of synthetic biology have successfully recreated one of the 16 chromosomes that make up a humble life form's DNA: baker’s yeast.

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After 29 Years, Rizzoli Bookstore is Closing

Despite the efforts of Community Board 5 and the president of Manhattan Borough, Rizzoli Bookstore will have to seek another home.

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ExxonMobil settles lawsuit with New York State, Greenpoint wins ...

ExxonMobil agreed to pay a total of $19.5 million when it settled the lawsuit that New York State filed seven years ago. The first of that money is just starting to land in Greenpoint's hands.

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Walking On Water | Uptown Radio

Geologists have found evidence that there’s a massive amount of water trapped deep inside the earth… more than we see in the oceans around us. Pierre Bienaimé has more on what that means for our planet, and others that may be similar to it.

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Commentary | Uptown Radio

"Pierre tells the story of an early memory about his uncle, the sea, and something in between."

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Plans for a New Map of Africa Could Benefit Geologists | Uptown ...

"... the data the project gathers could be a boon for African countries, mining companies… and geologists."