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Al Jazeera

The dawn of cyber politicians

Could holograms, as used by France's Melenchon, Turkey's Erdogan and India's Modi be the future of political rallies?

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The World's Best Security Engineers Are Making Dating Apps

Fewer people want to engage in a modern "spy vs. spy."

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RADIO: Undark Podcast, Episode 9

Join our podcast host and former NYT Science Times editor David Corcoran [...] Pierre Bienaimé explores how public opinion on GMOs is formed.

(Segment is at 27:15, or this link: http://bit.ly/2fSSaYp)

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DJs Are Dropping Beats From Deep Space

Interpreting something from the universe awakens a unique inspiration and curiosity,” says the Swiss electronic musician Lucien Nicolet, who goes by Luciano.

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What If Only Females Could See Color?

Unlike most other members of their sex—and all the males—female sifaka can tell red and green apart, perceiving color much as we humans do.

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Deutsche Welle

RADIO: Food for justice

A food truck in New York City serves more than just lunch - it’s giving formerly incarcerated youth a fresh start.

In chile abortion is outlawed 1441104380 article

In Chile, Women Live Under an Absolute Ban on All Abortions

Pía Fuentes was a first-year student at a private Catholic university in Chile's capital when she noticed she had missed her period.

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RADIO: Elections fueling Muslim murders?

A neighborhood in Queens was left reeling following the murders of two Muslim men in broad daylight. Has Trump’s rhetoric fueled increasing violence against Muslims?

Assad graffiti article

Where Could Syrian President Bashar Assad Eventually Find Refuge?

Jens David Ohlin, an expert on international war crimes, calls the tension between justice and peace a "classic dilemma that shows up everywhere."

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RADIO: Fixing up that old record player

In the United States, a small counter-culture is in the works. And instead of enticing you to buy more stuff, the people involved want to help you fix what you already have.

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The Word “Million” Didn’t Exist Until We Needed It

"I would cut off my right hand if you find it.” That was the guarantee retired Columbia history professor Jens Ulff-Møller made that there was no word for “million” in Old English.

George and jeb bush 810x598 article

Why the Bush Brothers Have Different Accents — and Why it Matters

Pundits and the news media analyze everything from a candidate’s sartorial choices to his or her posture and body language. Cadence and accents are no less important.

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Here's Where “The Walking Dead” Goes Wrong With Zombies ...

Is the human skull—zombified or not—really weak enough to yield to a knife?

Book cover article

BOOK REVIEW: America’s Blind Addiction to Armed Drones

Andrew Cockburn's "Kill Chain" places the world of drone production and use into a long yet fruitless wish of the US military to see, identify, and be able to strike anything on the field of battle.

Amazon forest aerial rainbow brazil article
Business Insider

NASA has a plan to take the most detailed scans of the world’s forests ever

To better understand how big a role trees play in this carbon cycle, NASA has recently granted a spot aboard the International Space Station to an instrument to measure the carbon in Earth's forests.