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George and jeb bush 810x598 article

Why the Bush Brothers Have Different Accents — and Why it Matters

Pundits and the news media analyze everything from a candidate’s sartorial choices to his or her posture and body language. Cadence and accents are no less important.

Ctzo6a uaaazahg article

The Focus On Pain In Paris Over Beirut Makes Sense, But We Can Do Better

Why so much attention on the lives lost in Paris, when many around the world are being killed in the name of ideological violence in general – and by ISIS’ virulent strand of it in particular?

Huckabee speaking 810x539 article

Mike Huckabee’s Joke on Transgender Issues Didn’t Need to be Serious to Matter

Huckabee might well have been joking, but much of the news media still jumped on it as a foot-in-mouth moment for the Republican presidential hopeful.

Green wood cemetery 2 810x539 article

‘Dark Wonderland’ — Music and Art Deep in New York’s Green-Wood Cemetery

The quiet of the grave makes for a nice blank canvas to performing arts and music. At least, that’s the idea behind “Dark Wonderland."

The complete eightball banner 810x351 article

The Bible of Alternative Comics — Daniel Clowes’ ‘The Complete Eightball’ — Is Out Today

With The Complete Eightball 1-18, alternative American comics are getting something of a Bible.