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Amazon forest aerial rainbow brazil article
Business Insider

NASA has a plan to take the most detailed scans of the world’s forests ever

To better understand how big a role trees play in this carbon cycle, NASA has recently granted a spot aboard the International Space Station to an instrument to measure the carbon in Earth's forests.

Patrick ryan veterans day profile iraq intelligence officerjpg article
Business Insider

The Startup Scene, Via Two Conflict Zones

Patrick Ryan was a sophomore at the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York sitting in his dorm room between classes as the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 unfolded.

Dick cheney article
Business Insider

Dick Cheney Had A Much Different Take On The US And Torture In 1992

Cheney is one of the CIA interrogation program's biggest public apologists, but his reaction to this earlier report connecting the US to torture was very different.

See me a article
Business Insider

DARPA Satellites Could Soon Provide Terrain Images For US Soldiers

The SeeMe satellite — named after DARPA's quest for Space Enabled Effects for Military Engagements — is about the size of a water cooler and is cheaper to make and launch than the typical hardware sent into orbit.

Soviet soldiers afghanistan 1987 article
Business Insider

The Soviet Union Decided To Invade Afghanistan 35 Years Ago Today

The ill-fated invasion would begin The invasion began in the last week of 1979.

Obama sandy hook task force article
Business Insider

A Look At The 'Smart Guns' That Could Prevent Future Tragedies

In the wake of the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary two years ago, President Obama signed an executive order to review the availability of innovative gun safety technologies.

Navy military dolphin manama bahrain 2003 article
Business Insider

The US Navy's combat dolphins are serious military assets

Canines aren't the only animals who can land jobs in the military. The US has trained bottlenose dolphins to carry out a range of military tasks, from locating underwater mines to flagging the presence of enemy swimmers for harbor defense.

Inside the high tech effort to prevent the us navy from running over endangered whales article
Business Insider

Inside The High-Tech Effort To Prevent The US Navy From Running Over Endangered Whales

Scientists found out what happens when battleships hit the largest animals in history...

Why american jihadists returning to the us arent arrested immediately article
Business Insider

Why American Jihadists Returning To The US Aren't Arrested Immediately

"The FBI and the NYPD have dozens and dozens of people under surveillance all the time that they could probably indict."...

Darpas incredible jumping robot shows how the us military is pivoting to disaster relief article
Business Insider

DARPA's Incredible Jumping Robot Shows How The US Military Is Pivoting To Disaster Relief

Why DARPA funded MIT's Cheetah 2 robot...